About Us

The Quality Confectioners

Quality is at the centre of everything we do...

We are proud of our quality focused culture that enables us to produce best in class products competitively. We focus on learning and development to optimise our processes, aiding our understanding of how to get to the next step and making incremental improvements to build our operations and capacity.

Best In Class Products

Our business started in the South West supplying boxes of fudge, personalised with a postcard, to seaside resorts around the United Kingdom. After acquiring machinery to cook fudge on copper pots, we transformed our focus to become a food production facility. Now, 90% of our products containing fudge are cooked on one of our sites! In 2016, we moved our operations in Tiverton to a larger site and dedicated 25% of the production footprint to chocolate. Finding success producing Easter Eggs for markets in the United Kingdom and internationally, our Easter Egg production has moved from odd work in Q1 to a planned 13 month development cycle. Combining our expertise in hand packing and chocolate production, we acquired a personalised chocolate brand that delivers products sold online directly to consumers. We work hard to combine learning, expertise and training from each business area to deliver new products from concept to shelf.

We work closely with our partners

Using our close connections with ingredients suppliers, designers and packaging suppliers, we can move quickly to turn your concept from an idea into a finished product being bought by your customers. From updating your artwork to match our declaration to creating bespoke recipes for full fudge batches, we will work with you to navigate our gated development steps to ensure we get your products onto the shelf as smoothly as possible.

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